Anyone who has kids knows how important date night is for a couple. It gives you both time to recharge, reconnect, and most importantly have an adult conversation without being interrupted by yelling (either me or our son). My parents are in town visiting for Marco’s birthday so it was a perfect opportunity for David and I to get some alone time. The funny thing is instead of going to dinner or seeing a movie we went to the mall. We hardly ever go to the mall anymore…I am an avid internet shopper (I love you Amazon)…so it was nice to mill around the mall and get some things for us without tag teaming a three-year-old. At first, I thought it would stink using our free babysitter to just run errands, but at the end of the night David said, “That was really fun and relaxing to just hang out with you today” and I had to agree. I think we will continue to think outside the dinner and a movie date night box from now on to find the not so obvious things to do together and if we get all of our errands done at the same time then yeah for us!

I would love to hear about what outside the box date nights you have gone on…email me at

Chao for now.