As a newly published author I am teaching myself about how to market my book as I go. This is a new adventure for me and actually that seems to be half of fun of writing Marco the Little Chef. I have been doing a lot of research on how to get my book out there, but as you might imagine there is tons of information to comb through. From my consulting background I new I needed a plan to keep me on track so I started learning about how to create a marketing plan for my book. Of all the resources I found online I thought that these from Balboa Press and Dog Ear Publishing offered the most clear and concise information for a new author. After reviewing these sites I went to work outlining my plan. It took some work and long hours of thinking to really identify what the goals for my book and writing were. I knew that identifying the goals were very important since they are the foundation for the marketing plan and essentially drive how I will present and market my book. Once I had the goals set I went to work on the other sections identifying how I was going to meet my goal, identifying my target audience, and potential competition for the book. Now that I have a good foundation for marketing my book I at least have a starting point. I realize that I have more to learn and a lot more research in my future as I continue on this journey. Hopefully, I can take all that I am learning and put it to good use for Marco the Little Chef and my next book ☺

Now the hard part…actually executing the plan. Wish me luck!

If you are a new or seasoned author, I would love to hear how put together your marketing plan

Chao for now.